Football Watchers

Location — Remote

Salary — Contractor/per game basis

Multiple opportunities for keen football enthusiasts based in Eastern Europe, South America, South Asia and South East Asia to work with Paradine as Football Watchers. Watch recorded matches from numerous competitions and utilise your extensive understanding of football to collect data using our proprietary platform with full training provided.

Skills and experience

  • Experience working to set deadlines
  • Good spoken and written English
  • Concentration for extended periods
  • High levels of accurate data collection
  • Able to work independently
  • Calm under pressure
  • A strong understanding of football

Football Watchers

the role

As a Football Watcher you will be responsible for collecting data from your own home using Paradine’s proprietary data collection platform. You will watch recorded football games from numerous competitions all over the world. Paradine will provide access to match videos for which it is an essential requirement that you have a fast and reliable internet connection. You must be available to cover a minimum of 5 games per week, with weekend availability being key, while midweek work is also involved. This opportunity may be combined with other part-time roles but it is not recommended to combine with another full-time role. This is a contractor role, paid on a per game basis with full training provided.
Essential requirements
>>> Able to regularly work on weekends and able to cover a minimum of 5 games per week
>>> A fast and reliable internet connection
>>> Access to two screens, one for the data collection platform and one for the match video. Or alternatively, have access to one large screen (~24+ inches/~61cm)
>>> Available to join our 4-6 week training programme
>>> Based in Eastern Europe, South America, South Asia or South East Asia (ID/Proof of Residency required)
Application stages and training
No prior experience is required. All learning material needed to succeed in this role will be provided, taking place online and in your own time. The full recruitment and training schedule is staged as follows.
1 >>> Application Form and Test Stage 1
2 >>> Test Stage 2 - A series of tests assessing your suitability for the role
3 >>> Training Programme / Trial Game Stage (spread over 4-6 weeks) - An intensive training period including Trial Games and further tests
How to apply
You must have no conflict of interest. Anyone currently working for a company in a similar field (such as sports data collection) will not be able to apply. Applicants that fail at any stage may not reapply within 12 months and will not be considered.
If you are ready to challenge yourself and show you have what it takes to join our team of Football Watchers, please complete this Application Form which includes Test Stage 1.
Application Form (including Test Stage 1) -
If you have any questions please contact